Ideas do not have to be correct in order to be good; it’s only necessary that, if they do fail, they do so in an interesting way.

– Robert Rosen


Featured illustrator: Muhammed Sajid

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 63!

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Keeping my notes short this week as I’m knee-deep in Indesign, preparing the next issue of Offscreen for print. If you’re a subscriber, look out for an email from Offscreen confirming the charge for the next issue or reminding you to update your payment details. Please also make sure your shipping address is up to date! (If you are not subscribed to Offscreen yet, start a subscription here.)

I’m hoping to kick off the printing on December 2nd, with a mid December release/shipping date. Unfortunately, that’s a little later than I had hoped and means not everyone will receive their copy before Christmas. But that’s the nature of publishing and juggling the many loose ends as a tiny one-person team. Now back to wrestling rags, widows and orphans in Indesign... – Kai

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Apps & Sites

I Done This →

Team progress updates

With I Done This team members respond to a daily reminder to submit a brief summary of what they’ve worked on any given day, creating a progress log and performance overview for managers.

LICEcap →

GIF screencasts

LICEcap (available for Windows and Mac) can capture an area of your screen and save it directly to either GIF or a lossless LCF format.

Noto →

Writing app

Add Noto to the long list of writing and note-taking apps for MacOS and iOS. It seems to work similarly to Apple’s own Notes app with a more visually appealing way to organise your notes. →

Guide to public speaking

A comprehensive guide with lots of tips for public speaking – from planning and designing your slides to practicing and delivering your talk.


Indie Mag of the Week


Bikevibe →

Bikevibe is a semiannual journal documenting cycling culture in cities all over the world.

– Latest Issue: 8 (Lisbon)
– Frequency: 2 issues/year
– Formats: print only
– Origin: Norway

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Patagonia Black Hole 25L →

Reliable daily carry

This has been my daily backpack (and day hike pack) for the last five+ years: the Black Hole Pack 25L is made with a tough 100% recycled polyester fabric, 100% recycled polyester lining and 100% recycled nylon webbing. After such extensive usage, the waterproofing layer has started to come off on the top of my bag, but my local Patagonia shop already reassured me that they’ll fix it free of charge whenever I’m ready to spare it for a few weeks. 👌


The Art of Frugal Hedonism →

Spending less while enjoying everything more

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a fun, at times wacky, easy-to-read guide on how to escape the work-to-spend cycle and adjust your consumption habits to enjoy more free time. Best of all, it doesn’t read like a typical self-help book because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. (It’s written by Australian authors, after all.)


Overheard on Twitter

If women were allowed to get mad and men were allowed to get sad we’d all be a lot happier overall.



Food For Thought

What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? →


A very important message about public spaces and how social media has become a dangerous, private substitute: “I think we really need digital environments that we all actually have some real ownership of, environments that respect the diversity of human existence and that give us some say and some input into the process. (...) Facebook right now is like the 1970s New York: the public spaces are decaying, there’s trash in the streets, people are kind of mentally and emotionally warming themselves over burning garbage.”

Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours →


This short essay really made me think about digital services, the disappearance of files, and our changing understanding of ownership: “So long as everything works, trading ownership for access is an attractive deal: everything under the hood just gets magic-ed away, and provided for us as a service. No files, no updates, no maintenance; just access. (...) Access feels like the real thing, until it’s taken away from you.”

Techno-fix futures will only accelerate climate chaos – don’t believe the hype →


The little optimism that’s left in the Western world often hinges on “technological progress [that] will allow us to address climate and ecological breakdown while also dramatically increasing production and consumption.” However, “the ways we work, travel, eat, and even think are all locked into systems that perpetuate the use of fossil fuels, encroach on the natural world, and exploit wealth and resources from the Global South.” Our only hope lies in unprecedented system change.


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Only just saw Chobani’s brand refresh from 2017, and it’s just lovely. What a great company.

❏ ❏

I just spent 30 minutes browsing through beeple’s mysterious, dystopian fantasy world. Check out their prints.

❏ ❏

I’ve never had this much fun playing with a font in a browser: built to maximise versatility, control, and performance, Recursive is a five-axis variable font.

❏ ❏

The series Not longer Life reinterprets and reproduces paintings from classic masters such as Monet or Caravaggio, contextualising them in the current situation.



A single, unified ecommerce solution that serves the needs of customers in 176 different countries – it’s possible. Faculty built it for Samsung.

Strangers is a members-only, non-fiction book club launching in January. We mostly read and brood about the roles of technology in society. Serious readers wanted.

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