The system of nature, of which man is a part, tends to be self-balancing, self-adjusting, self-cleansing. Not so with technology.

– E. F. Schumacher


Featured illustrator: Min Kyung

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 59!

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‘Human-Centred Design’ is very en vogue these days. Especially in the digital space, we have broadly embraced this approach which involves the (user’s) human perspective in all steps of the design process.

There is a growing chorus of people that criticises the human-centred design approach for being somewhat misguided. As Erica Hall argued in Offscreen Issue 18, the notion of ‘fulfilling human needs’ tells us little about whether we should fulfil those needs in the first place. Could designing more enjoyable slot machines in Casinos still be considered human-centred design? How about a more alluring shopping experience?

In our upcoming issue 22 (subscribe here) we’re taking this discussion one step further. One interviewee makes a case for what she calls ‘more-than-human-centred design’. From one of her previous talks:

“In a broader context, what if we deny that humans are exceptional? What if we stop speaking and listening only to ourselves? I would like to move beyond the human need and think of a bigger picture. Consider the idea of a more-than-human-centred approach where human beings are not at the centre of the universe and are not at the centre of everything – where we consider ourselves as deeply entangled in [and reliant on] relationships with other species, both human and nonhuman.”

What an exciting new way of looking at design! How can we use design in a way that is respectful not just to humans, but to the communities we are a part of, the relationships we share with others, and the environment we live in? – Kai

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Overheard on Twitter

I keep having the conversation that it’s often hard for people to imagine creating things on the web that *aren’t* trying to be a startup. Folks have forgotten that we can create just to create, same as most folks write in a journal aren’t trying to be bestselling authors.



Food For Thought

Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On →


Wow. So much to quote from this impassioned call to action by tech research pioneer danah boyd: “I am here today in-no-small-part because I benefited from the generosity of men who tolerated and, in effect, enabled unethical, immoral, and criminal men. (...) In a healthy society, we strategically design to increase social cohesion because binaries are machine logic not human logic. (...) The goal shouldn’t be to avoid being evil; it should be to actively do good.”

The biggest lie tech people tell themselves – and the rest of us →


I think we all heard people in tech make this argument before, trying to justify their ethically questionable inventions: ‘You can’t stop progress. Technology will take over either way. It’s the natural evolution of things.’ This article calls out their bullshit. There is no natural evolution of technology. It’s all on us.

What does ‘living fully’ mean? Welcome to the age of pseudo-profound nonsense →


“Social media seems to define ‘living fully’ as being adventurous, spontaneous and extroverted. For people who are fulfilled by a quieter life, social media seems to tell them that they’re living life the wrong way. (...) The most significant difference between the spread of inspirational quotes and the spread of fake news is that quotes generally make users feel good, while fake news provokes anger or fear. ‘In either case, emotionality overrides rationality,’ he says.”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

I’m really enjoying the brand of the City of Pannonhalma. “The shape of the logo and the main typography were inspired by the hills of the city.”

❏ ❏

Spenser Little creates playful outdoor sculptures by bending wires.

❏ ❏

Room 205 is a bold, expressive font in the neoclassical tradition.

❏ ❏

I can’t get enough of this Instagram account: Abstract Aerial Art photographs “bizarre aerial images from around the world”.



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