Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.

– Virginia Woolf


Artwork by Sergio Ingravalle

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 45!

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Today I’m putting the finishing touches to the files of Offscreen Issue 21. The presses will start rolling tomorrow, which means – bar any unforeseeable complications – the shipping date is less than two weeks away!

If you’re a subscriber or have a pre-order for this issue, use your Offscreen account to ensure your shipping address is up-to-date. All Offscreen customers will receive an email update once the new issue is officially here and is available for sale to non-subscribers.

This part of the making of a new issue always makes me equally excited and anxious. No matter how advanced today’s offset printers have become, rolling ink on paper is still susceptible to external factors – such as temperature (heatwaves!), humidity, natural variations in paper quality, etc. – that add a level of unpredictability to the final result. Anyway, I’m very excited to release the stellar line-up of interviewees we have in this issue – the first one in almost a year! – Kai

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Up for a Quiz?


SiteGround →

Take the full quiz and get free website hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting company specialised in open-source applications like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. This year marks our 15th anniversary and to celebrate with our favourite partners, we designed a fun trivia quiz about our company. Answer all the questions correctly and get a free hosting account to build new cool things on the web.


Apps & Sites

Tandem →

Voice/video chat in any app

With Tandem you can hang out and collaborate with colleagues in a minimal voice/video call in almost any app. You can even share your cursor with them to work on visual projects together.

Brill →

Digitise your notes

Using a lot of sticky notes during team meetings? With Brill you can “convert your handwritten notes into text using speech or photos. Manage them in folders or with tags and export your notes, ideas or meeting outputs to Trello.”

MemberStack →

Membership manager

Whether you’re offering protected member-only content or just want to build a simple user dashboard, MemberStack provides a designer-friendly membership management platform.

Shape Up →

Basecamp’s guide to product management

Product designer and strategist Ryan Singer just published an extensive guide on how they do product development at Basecamp. “It’s also a toolbox full of techniques that you can apply in your own way to your own process.”


The Internet is Beautiful


Weird and wonderful discoveries down the information superhighway

Locals and Tourists →

A collection of city maps that show where locals and tourists take photos.

Warming Map →

How every part of the world has warmed – and could continue to warm.

Online Etymology Dictionary →

A dictionary of etymology – the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.


Goods & Accessories


Mogu-Kagu →

Curved wooden coaster

Filing this under ‘first world gifts’: the Mogu-Kagu coaster is a hand-made wooden coaster from Fukuoka, Japan. “The slightly curved corner provides a graceful and whimsical characteristic, as well as making the coaster easier to grab and pick up.” Well done on a subtle, but oh so effective design tweak.


Because Internet →

Understanding the new rules of language

What a great title for an intriguing new book: “Language is humanity’s most spectacular open-source project, and the internet is making our language change faster and in more interesting ways than ever before. Internet conversations are structured by the shape of our apps and platforms, from the grammar of status updates to the protocols of comments and @replies.”


Overheard on Twitter

New term my teen daughter told me that I will start working into conversations: That sounds like an issue and not an iss-me.



Food For Thought

The Internet Can Make Us Feel Awful. It Doesn't Have to Be That Way →


Eli Pariser writes that being online is a constant dignity violation, in large part due to treating people instrumentally, as means to the end of growing active usership and revenue per user: “Social technologies don’t just treat us instrumentally – they encourage us to look at one another that way as well, as a means to higher status or a better job or a measurement of self-worth.”

Psychology, meet politics →


A fascinating read about what goes on in our heads while being exposed to today’s divisive nature of... everything. Essentially, we’re dealing with a perpetual, unresolved perception of a threat: “We need to understand that our inner and outer crises are two sides of the same coin.”

How to process climate news (and stay grounded) →


Speaking of threat perception: “You’d have to either be a psychopath or superhuman to not feel overwhelmed by the volume and scale of the climate stories we’re being exposed to – so here’s a guide to staying sane for the rest of us.”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Matchbloc is an Instagram account (and now also a book) full of Eastern Bloc matchbox labels, 1950s to early 1980s, from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia & beyond.

❏ ❏

Copenhagen-based artist Thomas Dambo makes (among other things) giant forest beasts from recycled wood.

❏ ❏

Neue Machina is a powerful and meticulously crafted typeface, boasting monospace/geometric type features as well as apparent and deep ink traps in its heavier weights.

❏ ❏

2019 marks 100 years of the Bauhaus movement, celebrated through this beautiful collection of posters.



Feedback is a comedy about half-quitting toxic influences, being smug at low budget art events, and living in the organic share-house eco-system of Melbourne. Watch now.

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