People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.

– Audrey Hepburn


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Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 17!

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I hope you had a great start to the new year! As you may have seen, we launched a fundraiser in our previous issue. Thanks to some very generous readers of DD, we hit our funding goal of $1000 within just a few hours. If you haven’t done so, please consider chipping in a few dollars over the coming days and start the year with a good deed!

I‘m looking forward to refining and improving this newsletter with you in 2019. There are lots of exciting new challenges ahead for me this year and I’m glad I have such a wonderful sounding board in you all. Thanks for sticking around! – Kai


The Best Gmail Client


Boxy Suite →

Beautiful Gmail & Google Calendar apps

All your emails and events, every Gmail feature, multi-account handling and notifications, and gorgeous themes: Boxy is a suite of lightweight, stand-alone Mac apps that take you out of your busy browser and into focus mode. DD readers get a 20% lifetime discount.


Apps & Sites

Rocket.Chat →

Open-source Slack alternative

Here’s another free/open-source alternative to Slack that you can host on your own server: Rocket.Chat gives you complete access to the source code, so you can fully customise, extend or add new functionality to meet your requirements.

Carrd →

Simple one-page sites in minutes

With Carrd you can create a simple 'About' page, a landing page or a sign-up page for your newsletter in just a few clicks – for free. There are lots of beautiful, responsive templates to choose from.

Hyperping →

Easy uptime monitoring

Once you have paying customers for your SAAS business, uptime monitoring becomes a must: with Hyperping you ‘receive alerts when your website is down through emails, Slack or SMS, integrated with real time data and insights.’

Meta Tags →

What your website looks like on social media

Meta Tags is a beautifully realised tool that shows you previews of how your site‘s meta tags show up on Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack and more.


Idle Knowledge


Icon by Creative Mania

Cabin crews are classified as ‘radiation workers’.

Flight crews on high-latitude routes are exposed to more radiation on an annual basis than nuclear plant workers. Due to cosmic ionising radiation and energetic outbursts from the sun, working on planes significantly increases the risk of a range of cancers compared to the general population, a major study of cabin crews has found.


Goods & Accessories


Texttime →

A wordy flip clock

Here‘s a clock that makes a statement: the Texttime is a different take on the classic flip clock design. If its casing was a little deeper it would make an elegant monitor stand, too.


Vinpok Taptek →

Thin wireless mechanical keyboard

‘The Vinpok Taptek is an ultra-slim (16 mm), RGB backlit, wireless mechanical keyboard with low profile blue switches. Though wireless, it can be connected with a wire as well. The Taptek keyboard comes with a Mac layout and can connect with up to three devices at the same time.’


Overheard on Twitter

I must say that Gmail’s autocorrect has helped me write formulaic emails much more quickly, and that I look forward to this technology homogenizing all of human speech into a bland pabulum of lazy cliches and crowd-sourced of-the-moment catchphrases.



Food For Thought

Become A Facebook-Free Business →


Like so many ethical movements the #DeleteFacebook campaign puts the onus on consumers while businesses could have a much bigger impact. (In fact, some argue that being able to delete your personal FB account is a privilege). Let’s take it up one level and pledge not to give social platforms your advertising dollars. I also just deleted Offscreen’s Facebook page.

Everything Is for Sale Now. Even Us. →


Anyone working for themself should read this: ‘The constant pressure to sell ourselves on every possible platform has produced its own brand of modern anxiety.’

Visionary Brain Genius Elon Musk Has Invented The World's Worst And Most Expensive Subway →


‘If you are anything like me, when you get off the accursed normal subway and do not have to then hunt for a place to park your Tesla-brand autonomous electric car, it fucking burns you up inside. It makes you sick! You have had it up to here with these goddamn cheap, fast, mass-transit options that do not require each rider to have brought along an entire specially outfitted self-driving electric car.’

Managing Remote Teams – A Crash Course →


If you’re contemplating ‘taking your team remote’ or if you’re thinking about taking on a remote role, this is a great article to start as it provides a good overview of the different versions of remote collaboration and some of the pitfalls they entail.


Aesthetically Pleasing


I’m in love with this fictional rebranding of the European Space Agency by Tata&Friends

❏ combines the power of aerial photography and storytelling to rediscover the beauty of our planet, and to show how water shapes Earth and influences our lives.


Art director Linn Fritz has a unique and absolutely delightful illustration style.


Neue Plak is available in 60 weights that offer a blend of ‘quirky’ details and ’German stiffness’.



SmashingConf has broadened the horizons of what a web design conference is. Instead of showing slides, presenters show how they design and debug – live. Check the speakers.

Designing at Handshake means helping students of every background find meaningful work. If supporting early-career journeys resonates with you, join our team to do it every day.

Check your Google Analytics data in seconds with GAget. Recently featured in the App Store in the “Influencer's Toolkit”. Available for iOS and macOS. Download it today →

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