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Why should I pay?

The Friends of DD membership model is a simple way for readers to support the work that goes into creating DD. While DD makes money from ads, transitioning at least partially to a member-funded model helps reduce the reliance on advertising.

The generous support of Friends of DD allows for ‘premium’ features to be added over time (see below) without creating a two-tier system that would restrict access to the weekly newsletter for those who don’t want to or can’t pay. It’s a model inspired by Tim Carmody’s Unlocking the Commons approach.

What do I get?

1 / DD Index
You’ll get access to the Dense Discovery Index: a searchable catalogue of all previous issues of DD. This is a great way to find forgotten items or simply browse your favourite categories. Here’s a little preview.

2 / Friends discounts
Friends of DD find regular discount codes in their newsletter. These are visible to Friends only and provide discounts on books, magazines, artwork, apps and other items featured in DD. In addition, Friends get discounts on advertising in DD: $10 off every classified and $25 off every sponsor slot booking.

3 / Hide advertising
As a Friend, you have the option to hide (turn off) sponsor and classified ads in your weekly newsletter.

4 / Guest engagement
Friends of DD see a ‘Respond Now’ button below guest contributions in every issue. Engage with guest contributors in just one click.

5 / Publisher updates
You will also receive occasional, more personal ‘behind-the-scenes’ updates from DD editor & publisher Kai Brach.

How do I manage or cancel my membership?

Easy. After signing up as a Friend of DD you will receive a link to a member portal where you can change the details of your subscription or cancel it any time. (Don’t worry, you won’t need to create an account.)

Can’t locate the email? Request a new link here.

That’s it?

Yep. If you have any questions, just email Kai.

Thanks for considering becoming a Friend of DD! Your generosity is what makes DD so special.

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