Every day, computers are making people easier to use.

– David Temkin


Artwork by Yuni Yoshida

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Just like we enjoy telling other people how busy we are, complaining about our overflowing inboxes has become a strange measuring stick for how much work and life demands of us.

Funny enough though, the good old email newsletter is currently experiencing a bit of a comeback. Perhaps as a reaction to the bottomless, anxiety-inducing social feeds, the email sits patiently in your inbox until you deem it worthy of your attention. Not able to read it now? No problem, come back to it later, it's right there where you left it.

That's why I've always loved email as a medium. Sure, I spend a lot of time reading and writing them – which arguably is not the most creatively productive time of my day – but it's still the one digital medium that abides by my rules (or filters). No sudden change in algorithm; no YOU-NEED-THIS product plugs; no strangers chiming in with rude comments. I decide what and when to read. Perhaps best of all: I can have constructive, civilised conversations with other people. Imagine that?! – Kai


Digital Expertise


Hi, we're Bakken & Bæck, a digital product studio based in Oslo, Bonn and Amsterdam. We define, design and develop all things digital. Companies call us when they need an experienced team that is dedicated to transforming ambitious ideas into next-generation products. From apps to artificial intelligence, from brands to blockchain – we can build it.


Apps & Sites

Future Fonts →

Early access to new fonts

I love the idea behind Future Fonts, a platform that offers “a way to gain access to interesting typographic styles sooner, and help fund the long process type designers undertake”. You get updates to the files as they become available and can even send in feedback as the typeface is being refined.

Gooba →

Powerful, versatile note taking

Gooba is a mix of Apple's Notes and Reminders in one app with some additional features, such as password-protected notes, ability to export to PDF or TXT, and more.

KanbanMail →

A Kanban board for your emails

KanbanMail merges your inbox with a Kanban board, allowing you to visually categorise emails by urgency or status.

Readwise →

Review your reading highlights

Readwise is trying to solve one of the downsides of on-screen reading by making it “easy to revisit and learn from your ebook and article highlights”. Now you can have all of your highlights accessible through the Readwise app or even better: get them sent to you daily via email.


‘Smart’ Ingredients


Hardly a day goes by without an announcement of a new electronic gadget, enticing us to ditch the old and get on board with the new. Few of us think about what actually goes into creating our smartphones and the many other devices we own. Increase your awareness and watch this short, informative TED-Ed video about the ingredients of the device you're reading this on:

What’s a smartphone made of? →


Goods & Accessories


Typodarium 2019 →

Tear-off calendar for type lovers

Showcasing 366 fresh fonts from 232 designers, this calendar greets you with a different typeface every day of the year.


Moshi Capto →

Slim case with multistrap

This is a pretty smart case design combining two useful functions: “This slim case features our MultiStrap™ to provide a secure grip when taking photos or walking in crowded areas. Easily put the case into kickstand mode for watching videos.”


Overheard on Twitter

One thing Adam Smith did not predict is that in a sufficiently mature economy all workers would be employed either inventing new mattress brands or creating podcasts to advertise them.



Food For Thought

Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem →


Few of you may know that Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in tech startups. “As the world fills up car tanks with gas and climate change worsens, Saudi Arabia reaps enormous profits — and some of that money shows up in the bank accounts of fast-growing companies that love to talk about ‘making the world a better place.’”

Preparing a conference talk →


The always inspiring Jeremy Keith takes us through his process of preparing a conference talk. If you have never seen Jeremy talk, here's one of many examples of his ability to make dry tech subjects engaging and fun.

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work →


Amir Salihefendic, the founder of Todoist and Twist, talks honestly about his struggle with isolation, anxiety, and depression in the remote workplace, and how he's trying to tackle those issues in his own (fully remote) company.

How computer software can make policy →


Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America, reminds us of the power that tech workers wield in government policy and that even good intentions can lead to harmful consequences.


Aesthetically Pleasing


The shapes and colours in this branding project for an architect are inspired by the scaffolding around historical heritage buildings.


Hard to believe that these are pen drawings, by the talented Alessandro Paglia.


The New York Times created a mesmerising black and white map of pretty much every building in the US.


Nazaré is a semi-serif font that has its origins in a branding design project for a Portuguese soap maker.



VisualSitemaps automatically generates beautiful visual sitemaps and high-resolution screenshots of any site. Huge time saver. This is a no-brainer.

Dapper Notes are pocket notebooks, handmade from scratch by Enon Avital, one-by-one with focus on the details. The latest limited edition Hologram is out today.

Last chance to get your copy of the Spring journal – a journal for life, work, and wellbeing – from the team behind Ethos magazine. Start your 2019 with purpose…

Punch is insightful time tracking that earns you more. Made by impatient people to ease and speed processes, not hold things up. Special offer: Sign up now for a one-time price.

Classifieds are paid ads that support DD. Use them to promote your project, advertise a job opening, find beta testers, etc. Book yours →


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