Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.

– Miyamoto Musashi


Featured illustrator: Matt Chinworth

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 57!

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My sub-editor Kieran and I are in the middle of the interview phase for the next issue of Offscreen. Issue 22 is scheduled for a late November/early December release. (To pre-order this issue, start a subscription.)

As many of you know, we fund our production and all related costs through just six sponsors in each issue, presented in an unobtrusive ‘chapter’ in the centre of the magazine. (PDF example)

We try to find sponsors that are not just aligned with our purpose, but really understand the value of sponsoring creative projects. That value can not necessarily be measured in visits or conversions but in the much harder to obtain and less quantifiable unit of ‘trust earned’. Sponsors get to piggyback on the good reputation and trust that Offscreen has built over eight years of independent publishing. I believe that’s worth the less than $3000 it costs to sponsor an issue.

Interested? Just reply and tell me a bit more about what you do. – Kai

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Free .design Domain Name SPONSOR


Porkbun →

Claim your .design domain name, before it’s gone

Thinking of building your portfolio? .design is like .com and .net, but it’s more relevant to what you do as a designer. Your .design name comes with free email, SSL, and a Site Builder.


Apps & Sites

Caret →

Minimalist markup editor

Caret is a cross-platform-compatible markup editor that “stands out with its clean interface, productivity features and obsessive attention to detail.”

Newslettrs →

The newsletter reader app

Similar to Stoop (featured here a couple of weeks ago), Newslettr is an app that makes reading and managing newsletters easier. You use a dedicated email address to send all your favourite newsletters to one central place, freeing up your inbox. Mobile apps are coming.

Gestimer →

Easy menu bar timer

Set a simple timer by dragging Gestimer’s icon down on your desktop from the menu bar. The distance you drag it defines the length of time. Neat idea!

Data Detox Kit →

A healthier digital life

“Everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacy, security, and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you.”


Indie Mag of the Week


This is Badland →

This is Badland is a biannual print and online publication dedicated to the exploration of art, design, and culture from the Balkans and beyond.

– Latest Issue: 3
– Frequency: 2 issues/year
– Formats: print & digital
– Origin: Germany

We’re giving away five copies to randomly selected DD readers. Keep an eye on your inbox to find out if you’re among them!




Field Notes →

Autumn Trilogy special edition

Notebook-maker Field Notes continues to impress with special editions that push material and technical boundaries. This three-part autumn edition features subtly debossed leaves behind an embossed logo which are the result of a pretty complicated manufacturing process. 🍁


Monogram →

Modular creative console

For those who do a lot of editing work – including video, audio, photography or illustrations – Monogram can extend your standard input controls through a range of modular shifters, knobs, wheels, and buttons. Monogram integrates directly with a range of popular apps but also offers an SDK to allow custom extensions.


Overheard on Twitter

It’s easy to bounce from one new idea to the next, exploring your intellectual curiosity. But having an impact requires a decade of moving the ball forward one yard every day, sometimes in a very mundane way, through multi-year ups and downs.



Food For Thought

What great inconvenience →


Some interesting thoughts on how our behaviour as individuals can have a ‘burnout’ ripple effect that extends far beyond our immediate relationships: “If you want to actually make life better, more liveable, less of a slog for yourself, that involves making it better for a whole lot of other people as well. For that, you don’t need a self-help book with an asterisk in the title to blunt the profanity. You don’t need a better organizational app. You just need to legitimately and actionably care about other people.”

Media Accounting 101: Appholes and Contracts →


Another fantastic essay by Craig Mod. This time on the different ‘contracts’ we enter when we consume media and how new media formats suck us into bottomless ‘appholes’: “The printed newspaper of 1919 had edges, ended. There were ads but they were passive, not active members of the reading experience. They were not reading you. You paid. You got some paper. The paper did not continue forever.”

On Deep Ethics →


A beautifully written reminder that humans are just a tiny part of a complex ecosystem, yet we think of ourselves as having god-like powers that allow us to treat all other inhabitants as a resource – objects – to be used. “At this curious moment in the world’s unfolding, when human violence toward other humans is matched only by our violence toward the living earth (...) it is now evident that our own species must undergo a sea change if anything of beauty is to survive. If we wish to bring humankind into a new reciprocity with the rest of the biosphere, then we will need to release ourselves from the tyranny of outmoded concepts, and remember ourselves as a part of this breathing planet.”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Roy Cranston makes a piece of graphic design/poster art every day and shares it on Instagram.

❏ ❏

Eyewear maker Vizou’s identity evolves according to the dioptric strength, form and tonality of the respective eyewear model.

❏ ❏

Everything you type has a face, a typeface! Faro contains two moods: lucky and sad.

❏ ❏

Dogs in Action by photographer Claudio Piccoli is what you need this Tuesday.



Cactus is designed to boost your mood through guided self-reflection and a private place for your thoughts. And it’s free. Find your minute of mindfulness.

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