Although I am typically a loner in daily life, my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated.

– Albert Einstein


Artwork by Mark Boardman

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 50!

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It’s the 50th issue of Dense Discovery! 🎉 I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the launch. Thanks for sticking around and being the best audience a publisher could wish for! It’s a privilege to be able to send out this little email magazine to you every week and make it a part of my livelihood. To the next fifty!

To celebrate this milestone, I’d like to give out 50 copies of Offscreen at just $5 (which just about covers shipping). To get your hands on a copy, here’s what you have to do:

Follow Dense Discovery on Twitter. Over the next 7 days, I’ll randomly tweet out 10 batches of discount codes that are valid for 5 uses each, discounting any one back issue to just $5. You’ll have to be quick, so keep your eyes on the Twitters.


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Goodbye Dry Stock SPONSOR


Stocksy United →

Art-forward stock photos + footage

Stocksy United is an art-forward, royalty-free stock photography + footage agency founded on creative integrity and respect for artists. With our exceptionally high curation standards, discovering unique, beautifully authentic imagery is effortless.


Apps & Sites

Pasta →

Clipboard manager

Copy and paste on steroids: Pasta is a Mac app that adds a whole set of features to the ol’ clipboard. For instance, through its powerful search you can find clippings by content, application, type or even the window’s name.

CrowdJustice →

Crowdfunding for legal issues

Are you a freelancer and a big client isn’t paying up? Here’s a way to take legal action without going broke: “Built by lawyers, CrowdJustice is the leading online fundraising platform specifically designed for legal action. Raise funds and support with a public or private fundraising page.”

Gone →

Ephemeral to-do list

With Gone you simple list all your daily to-dos and then have 24 hours to complete them – or they disappear automatically.

Koken →

CMS for photographers

Koken describes itself as a “content management and web site publishing [platform] for photographers” with a “full-featured management interface that looks and feels like a desktop application”.


Indie Mag of the Week


MC1R Magazine →

MC1R is the world’s first and only redheads magazine. Dedicated to the beauty of red hair, each issue presents stories and art projects related to red-haired people.

– Latest Issue: 6
– Frequency: one issue/year
– Formats: print only
– Origin: Germany

We’re giving away five copies to randomly selected DD readers. Keep an eye on your inbox to find out if you’re among them!




Grafton →

Affordable aluminium pen

“The thoughtfully designed, buy-for-life pen that won’t break the bank.” That sounds like my kind of pen. The heavy-duty aluminium Grafton Pen takes all the popular refill cartridges. It also comes in a smaller pocket version.



Wallet & adjustable phone stand

The ICUERO wallet stand sticks to the back of your phone as a kickstand and a wallet at the same time. It holds your phone in portrait or landscape mode at an adjustable angle for comfortable handsfree viewing. The wallet seems to just fit a couple of cards and some notes. (Currently on Kickstarter)


Overheard on Twitter

Rarely is anyone thanked for the work they did to prevent the disaster that didn’t happen.



Food For Thought

Why Ethical Responsibility For Tech Should Extend to Non-Users →


This week’s must-read: Ethicist Fiona J McEvoy uses the concept of embryo pre-selection (checking which embryo offers the best chance for a healthy baby) to illustrate how giving people choice affects even those who decide to opt out. Relevant to so many areas in the tech sphere.

Why money can never give you what you need. →


I really enjoyed this essay on the role of money, work, and status. Max’ approach at the end is simple, yet powerful: “Continually learning to set boundaries for yourself based on your needs, being able to sit with the discomfort that comes from doing so, these are the edges of the path.”

Be an Elegant Simplifier →


We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘less is more’, but our actions as designers of increasingly complex systems often lead to very different results. Kate Clayton reminds us how to strive for elegant simplicity.


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Inter is a free and open source font family carefully crafted and designed for computer screens.

❏ ❏

I absolutely adore these Escher-esque multi-dimensional paintings by the Cinta Vidal.

❏ ❏

Visual artist Arben Vllasaliu makes captivating 3D animations.

❏ ❏

Kevin Teh designed an elegant brand for the Sydney Saké Society, based around a custom display typeface.



Emailancer are your fast and friendly experts in email template design and development. We can deliver a custom design or convert yours into code that works across all devices.

SuperHi’s brand new Math for Creatives online short course: Learn to break down design work into math principles in a visual way to add interactivity. Available now at!

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Want to discover a happier, healthier, more focused life? Cactus increases your self-awareness through guided self-reflection with a private place for your thoughts. And it’s free.

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