The people closest to the pain need to be the closest to the power.

– Caroline Barlerin


Artwork by Cathal Duane

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

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As someone who’s moved countries in his twenties, I sometimes experience a bit of bi-cultural disconnect where home is in both places and neither at the same time. Add to that the freedom and privilege to be able to work anywhere and travel a lot, and what you get is a person that’s trying to find a sense of belonging in their late thirties.

I think I’ve finally arrived at a position in my life where I’m willing to invest more time and effort into building community and connecting with my immediate surroundings. It sounds silly to even say this, but as an introverted kid of the digital age with the world at his feet the idea of emotionally investing in one place seemed... outdated to me for a long time.

As I'm realising that being content has a lot to do with committing to a place and its people, at least for a decent amount of time, I can’t help but think that the general apathy of those in my generation and younger about their local communities is a major contributor to so many societal issues of our age. We seem to constantly be chasing that place where the grass is greener, because we can. But should we? – Kai

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Make a name for yourself

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Apps & Sites

Twizzy →

Twitter without the timeline

Too tempted by the social media black hole? This little Mac app gives you access to Twitter Direct Messages and the ability to send out tweets – but no timeline.

Peek →

Simplified calendar for iOS

”Peek presents the essentials [of your calendar] in a easy to understand manner, without overwhelming you with data you might not need for an on-the-go experience.” →

Reminders in three taps

A pretty fascinating UI concept: this mobile app (Android only, iOS coming soon) lets you schedule reminders with just three quick taps by selecting from three module groups. Done in seconds.

Bynder →

Brand asset manager

As a publisher I believe every brand needs at least a press download section where I can find logos, product and team photos, screenshots etc. If you want to take your brand management to the next level, use a tool like Bynder that helps keep your brand representation consistent, especially if your media exposure is growing fast.


Idle Knowledge


Icon by icons mind

A smile worth billions

The first commercial use of the smiley face can be traced back to the American freelance artist Harvey Ball who designed the smiling, yellow circle for an insurance company’s marketing campaign. Ball never trademarked the symbol, but a French journalist named Franklin Loufrani did. Loufrani came up with a license model that was unusual at the time. By riding several cultural trends and securing lucrative licensing deals with global brands, the smiley face became an extremely profitable business. Today, Loufrani’s son is at the head of The Smiley Company which does nearly $500m per year in licensing deals. (Source)


Goods & Accessories


Resilient Management →

Become a better manager

Especially in the startup world, a lot of people suddenly find themselves in a management position that they feel unprepared for. Lara’s new book will make you feel more at ease. She shares advice on how to become a more empathetic, thoughtful and effective team leader.


DraftTable →

Rock solid iPad Pro stand

Elevation Lab brings the traditional drafters table concept to the iPad Pro. Most iPad stands are designed for passive ‘consumption’ rather than creation. This stand doesn’t move, shake, or tip when you draw on it.


Overheard on Twitter

You never realize how much you use the internet until you go through your search history for 20 minutes looking for something from yesterday.



Food For Thought

Does the news reflect what we die from? →


Some fascinating data analysis here comparing the causes of death with what we search for on Google and what the news report. Perhaps unsurprisingly to most of us: terrorism as a cause of death “is overrepresented in the news by almost a factor of 4000”.

Design Is Not an Intellectual Exercise →


Thought-provoking stuff in this summary of Teju Cole’s commencement speech: “Oppression has always had great use for architects and designers and urban planners. Redlining was a technical skill. And everything that betrays our collective humanity depends on people just like you, with skills just like yours.”

Can You Trust A Company In 2019? →


What makes us trust a (tech) company in this day and age? Anil Dash offers some insights into his own company’s approach, which perhaps can be summarised like so: ‘We must consistently be on the inside what we hope to inspire on the outside.’


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

POHA is a start-up providing a new co-living experience for young people in major cities across Europe, wrapped in a lovely brand.

❏ ❏

Ekaterina Lukasheva makes dazzlingly complex and beautiful folding paper art.

❏ ❏

Nostra is an extra-wide display family. It plays with a feeling of satisfaction, how a few thin strokes can create the shape of a letter, either cut in a solid mass or traced in the air.

❏ ❏

A photo series on Chinese ‘nail houses’ – houses that belong to owners who have stood their ground and resisted demolition when they feel they are not being fairly compensated.



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