In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.

– Bill Watterson


Artwork by Thomas Hedger

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 40!

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Here in Australia we’re just coming back from a long weekend of ‘celebrating’ the Queen’s birthday. (In case you don’t know, Australia’s Western history began as a penal colony of the British Empire. Also interesting: the Queen’s actual birthday is in April, though most of the world celebrates it in June because the weather is usually nicer – except in the southern hemisphere where we’re now in the middle of winter. Thanks Liz! 😬)

I completely forgot about it being a long weekend until someone reminded me late last week. That’s what working for yourself does to you – or to me, at least. Every day is a potential day off and every day is a potential work day: some days I do my grocery shopping at 10am, then answer emails at 10pm.

Blurring those ‘work-life boundaries’ is not for everyone but it suits my current lifestyle. It’s liberating and a huge privilege, of course. But it also means living in a kind of bizarro world where on is off and off is on and where public holidays often feel like any other day – just with better daytime access to friends and family. 😁

– Kai

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The Invisible Laptop Stand



An invisible laptop stand that helps you be more productive

MOFT is the lightest adhesive laptop stand around, tailored perfectly for mobile working or business travel. Give your neck and shoulders a break, no matter where you work. MOFT was the most backed project on Kickstarter of 2019 so far with 30000+ backers worldwide – now available at the official store. DD readers get $2 off every order.


Apps & Sites

Rooster →

Visualise your browsing habits

Rooster is a Chrome extension that automatically tracks how much time you spend on which website and then shows that data with every new tab you open.

Versus →

Find alternative tools

Ever looking for alternatives to certain tools or gadgets? Versus automates this by showing alternative options to your entry based on Google searches.

Swish →

Control Mac apps by gestures

Swish extends your Mac’s trackpad gestures to include specific apps: “Control windows and applications right from your trackpad with intuitive two-finger swipe, pinch, tap, and hold gestures.”

Tokimeki Unfollow →

One-by-one Twitter unfollow

After sharing Nick Crocker’s post about resetting your Twitter account, many of you pointed me to a less radical option: Tokimeki takes you through your following list one by one, letting you decide who still sparks joy in your Twitter stream.


The Internet is Beautiful


Weird and wonderful discoveries down the information superhighway

Brickipedia →

Brickipedia is the internet’s largest LEGO wiki with 29,582 articles and a total of 185,807 pages.

Reading Design →

Reading Design is an online archive of critical writing about design, embracing the whole of design – from architecture and urbanism to product, fashion, graphics and beyond.

Chernobyl Street View →

Did you know that you can explore key sites of the Chernobyl disaster area via Google Maps Street View?


Goods & Accessories


It’s Freezing in LA! →

A magazine about climate change

An indie magazine with a fresh perspective on climate change (and a great title): “Too often, environmental discussion is polarised into one of two categories: the remote, technical language of science, or the hotheaded outrage of activism. We find the middle ground, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to give us their take on how climate change will affect – and is affecting – society.”


Calendar Stencils →

DIY planner

Make your own calendar: “A genius stencil set with which you can turn any notebook or piece of paper into a planner.”


Overheard on Twitter

If you work in tech or media in this here 2019, some daily questions:
- who is this for?
- who does this help?
- who will this harm?
- who will use this for harm?
- how will this be used for harm?
- how do the answers (or lack thereof) to the above change our approach?



Food For Thought

I’m not Extreme, Consumerism Is →


“Our consumer culture has reeled so far off the rails that someone who leads a simple lifestyle appears extreme when compared to the norm.” My mum uses the same word – extreme – to describe my lifestyle choices. It’s astounding how quickly we forget that most of the stuff we consume these days did not exist a few decades ago and how much of our consumption patterns are driven by societal pressures and insecurities.

The anti-CEO playbook →


The very likeable Hamdi Ulukaya, founder of yoghurt maker Chobani, explains why most companies today have the wrong priorities and how he built his sizeable food empire on people-over-profit principles.

MacKenzie Bezos and the Pitfalls of Tech Philanthropy →


“Charitable efforts carried out by the 1 percent don’t fix the systemic issues of inequality they have benefited from. ‘The richest and most powerful people in the world are unwittingly fighting on both sides of a war, (...) causing, by daylight, problems that they simply will never be able to undo by philanthropic moonlight.’”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

I absolutely adore these black and white paintings by Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto.

❏ ❏

Fitting inside a plastic music cassette case, Day + Night is a tiny print publication with 14 essays on 14 songs that echo a city’s days and nights. Issue 1: New York City

❏ ❏

Courage balances ultra-high stroke weight, delicate details, and unique letterforms with a self-indulgent passion.

❏ ❏

More confectionery art, this time by A.R.D Bakery



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