Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

– Marie Curie


Artwork by Coen Pohl

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 38!

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Tomorrow is my birthday and to celebrate I’m asking for a gift: a tree from each of you.

Through the Australian non-profit Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund I’d like to plant some trees at the cost of $3.00 per tree. To make the donation process as easy as possible, I created a simple Stripe checkout form that only takes a few seconds to complete. I’ll collect the individual donations and make a lump sum payment before the next issue of Dense Discovery. For full transparency, I’ll share the donation receipt and a list of last names of the donors.

So how old am I turning? I won’t tell. But did I mention that I will match the first 38 trees donated one-by-one? 😉

If you enjoy Dense Discovery and always wanted to give back, now is a great time to do so:

Yes, I Want to Plant a Tree →

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Back Fred’s Album


The Lasters →

Fred from Lemon Jelly’s new sci-fi album

Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly’s epic new science fiction concept album The Lasters is now on Kickstarter and you only have 3 days left to back it! Limited edition, triple gatefold double vinyl featuring augmented reality visuals, pop-up fold & metallic inks plus audio download and art print. Hear the end of the world in glorious stereo!


Apps & Sites

Small Victories →

Dropbox-powered website builder

“Small Victories takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website. No CMS, no installation, no server, no coding required.” Simple as that.

Listed →

Blogging platform built on notes

Listed is a blogging extension of the Standard Notes app that I previously featured here. With Listed you turn any note into a blog post that’s publicly available. It even gives your readers the option to receive an email update every time you publish new posts. (Example blog here)

Polypane →

A browser built for responsive web dev

Polypane is a browser built from the ground up to create and test websites and apps in various responsive scenarios. You can see the full range of viewports for your site in a single overview with all the interactions synced in real time. It also comes with layout debugging, CSS stress-testing and the Chromium-based devtools.

Thyself →

Chrome-based mood tracker

Thyself is a little Chrome extensions that prompts you a few times a day to tell it how you are feeling in that moment in order to “collect your moods and see the ups and downs of life.”


The Internet is Beautiful


Weird and wonderful discoveries down the information superhighway

Animated Knots →

From boating knots, fishing knots and climbing knots to tying a tie, or even surgical knots – this site has got you covered.

Electricity Map →

Explore an interactive map of countries/regions by carbon intensity of electricity consumed. →

A collection of generative music pieces. The term ‘generative music’ describes music that changes continuously and is created by a system.


Goods & Accessories


Travel Tripod →

Space-saving, mobile tripod

Travel Tripod by Peak Design “takes up half the volume of a traditional travel tripod” while still being sturdy (life-time warranty) and quick to set up. Kudos to them for also offsetting the production’s carbon footprint and ensuring product longevity by making almost every part replaceable.


Bring Your Human To Work →

How to design a workplace that’s good for people

Another book that comes recommended by a friend: “A human company is real, genuine, aligned, and true to itself. A real company flaunts its humanity, instead of hiding it.” I like the sound of that.


Overheard on Twitter

There are 4 types of wealth:
1. Financial wealth (money)
2. Social wealth (status)
3. Time wealth (freedom)
4. Physical wealth (health)
Be wary of jobs that lure you in with 1 and 2, but rob you of 3 and 4.



Food For Thought

How do we go on? →


“Paralysed by climate despair, I’m finding it hard to think about the end of the world and what to make for dinner.” An article that summarises my current emotional state: it gets a bit dark at the beginning, but there some hopeful signals towards the end.

Future Ennui →


I recovered this article from the bottom of my reading list. Written shortly after the Apple Watch came out, it’s as relevant today as it was back then: “Future shock is over. Apple Watch reveals that we suffer a new affliction: future ennui. The excitement of a novel technology (or anything, really) has been replaced – or at least dampened – by the anguish of knowing its future burden.”

Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech →


An alternative take on ‘Strong Opinions, Loosely Held’ with a surprisingly simple way to invite others to challenge our views: “All you need to do is add a degree of uncertainty to your statements.”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Jose is a seventeen-year-old vegan teenager who makes incredibly fun dessert art.

❏ ❏

Graphit combines clear, geometric shapes with edgy yet finely-crafted details.

❏ ❏

The book Keep it Simple is the authentic story of the collaboration between Steve Jobs and Hartmut Esslinger which led to Apple’s iconic hardware design. (Look inside the book here.)

❏ ❏

There is something about David Lemm’s artwork based on experimental maps that I love.



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