If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they’re not values... they’re hobbies.

– Jon Stewart


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Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

Welcome to Issue 28!

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A bit of housekeeping this week: several readers have recently told me that they found this email in their spam folder. There are a couple of things you can do to make this less likely to happen: add [email protected] to your contact list and, if an email does slip through to your spam folder, make sure you don’t just move it to your inbox but also report it as ‘not spam’ in case your mail client has such a feature (Gmail does). This will help DD maintain its positive reputation and avoid spam filters.

I couldn’t find an interesting fact to share this week so from now on I’ll occasionally swap that section with some click-worthy links from around the web.

By the way, I’m always open to suggestions. Feel free to send me interesting apps, sites, products, and facts you come across – or just share your ideas and feedback about DD with me. I read every email and respond to those in need of a reply. Thank you! – Kai

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Modern Design Workflow


Abstract →

Say goodbye to ‘final-final-v3.sketch’

With Abstract, you and your design team can version Sketch files, request reviews, present work, collect feedback, and hand specs off for development. All from one place. Get started with a 30-day free trial of Abstract today.


Apps & Sites

Threads →

Team discussion board

Another ‘calm’ alternative to Slack, perhaps? Threads works a bit like the old-fashioned bulletin boards: start a thread and have your team chime in.

Firefox Send →

Share large files

Watch out WeTransfer and Dropbox! Firefox now also offers a service that lets you send files up to 1 GB, securely and with an expiring share-URL.

Sigle →

Decentralised, open-source blogging tool

Sigle hopes to be a decentralised and open-sourced alternative to Medium. Through a very simple interface you can publish your writing online which is then stored on Blockstack.

Menu World Time →

World times in your menu bar

A little Mac app showing the local time of as many places as you’d like in your menu bar – or collapse them all into a drop down menu.


The Internet is Beautiful


Weird and wonderful discoveries down the information superhighway

Dollar Street →

A fascinating and sobering look at the income inequality between families around the world.

Every Noise at Once →

An ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analysed for 2,829 genres by Spotify.

Stuff in Space →

A realtime 3D map of objects in Earth orbit. Jeez, it’s busy out there!


Goods & Accessories


Peak Design →

Adaptable everyday backpack

This is one of the most versatile backpacks I’ve come across in a while: easy, fast top access, side-loading flaps that fully open up the bag on both sides, configurable FlexFold dividers so you can create your own compartments, weatherproof material, and much more.


Bring Your Human to Work →

For a more human-centred workplace

“Bring Your Human to Work is a manual for leaders, managers, employees of all ages and across industries, offering ten ways to transform your workplace (and your job search) by applying one simple truth to everything you do: smart companies honour relationships.” I haven’t read it myself but heard good things about it.


Overheard on Twitter

Ten writing rules
1. Find exactly the right place to sit
2. Better get coffee also
3. Turn off the internet, we’re WRITING
4. But I have a question only the internet can answer
5. More coffee!
6. Maybe I got an important email
7. How is the coffee shop closing
8. Oh no



Food For Thought

The Psychological Trap of Freelancing →


There are many benefits to breaking free from the shackles of working for someone else, but our awareness of the time/money connection is not one of them: “People who attach dollar signs to their time tend to be overwhelmingly less happy than those who don’t, because their nonworking hours suddenly seem less important. ‘Free’ time gets tainted with guilt because there’s a cost associated with it.”

Why Tech Platforms Need to Be Built on Journalistic Values →


Our industry talks a lot about technical debt, but platform providers also need to recognise the failure to acknowledge their journalistic debt: “One of the risks for the tech industry that values what’s new, who’s hot, and what’s next is a failure to draw on knowledge gained through experience and the people who hold the keys to that knowledge.”

It’s impossible to lead a totally ethical life – but it’s fun to try →


I often struggle with my own ethical hypocrisy (e.g. I’m mostly vegan but I still fly around the world for fun and family). This article gave me some peace of mind: “A truly ethical life is joyful, lived with a clear conscience, ‘knowing that we are doing the best we can, even if that means our behaviour may be unsatisfactory at times.’”


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Lovely brand and packaging design for The Chocolatier.

❏ ❏

On the Road to Variable is a great-looking book exploring the flexible future of typography. Purchase it here.

❏ ❏

The Block Tower is a photo and video series about Hong Kong’s apartment tower blocks.

❏ ❏

FR Kraken Slab is a ‘mild-mannered monster of a type’.



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