The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious, one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.

– James Baldwin


Artwork by Kenzo Hamazaki

Dense Discovery
Dense Discovery

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Last Wednesday we were finally able to publish the first interview I edited for Today, along with the revamped newsletter.

In this interview we spoke with an autistic advocate who introduced me to the concept of neurodiversity – the idea that neurological differences, such as autism or ADHD, are normal variations of the human genome and not a disability or fault that needs ‘curing’. Neurodiversity recognises that everyone’s neurology naturally sits on a spectrum.

Once we put that into the context of our work on the web it opens up a whole range of questions. How often do you think about the experience of people with neurological differences when designing products? (By the way, even current web accessibility standards don’t do a good job at this.)

For me, this conversation highlighted once again that our discussion around diversity often focuses on just a few aspects – gender and ethnicity – which are ‘easy’ to identify. Once we consider our many differences that aren’t clearly visible, the notion of inclusivity becomes a lot more complex. – Kai

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Spreadsheet Nerds Unite


Tiller Money →

Personal finance spreadsheets without data entry

Manage your money in a spreadsheet 10x faster with Tiller, the only service that automatically updates Google Sheets with your daily spending, transactions, and balances. Start with a template or build your own. Financial simplicity and control, made for designers and developers.


Apps & Sites

Carrot →

Simplified team comms

Email too messy, and Slack too FOMOy for communicating with your team? Carrot provides a simple, calm messaging platform to have more intentional conversations.

IconJar →

Manage thousands of icons

Are you working with a lot of icons? IconJar is your trusted app for managing a huge catalogue of icons in various file formats – and easy exporting in different sizes and colours is built right in.

Taskade →

The interactive to-do list

Taskade is a simple to-do list with an interactive twist: share and edit your tasks in real-time with other people while on a video call – all right inside one app.

Lingo →

An asset library for your brand

Lingo provides a central storage space for all of your brand’s assets: logo files, colours, fonts, photos, etc. Whether you share it publicly or just within your team, Lingo helps keep your brand appearance consistent.


Idle Knowledge


Icon by Víctor Mosqueda

Money (still) can’t buy love

Americans lost $143m in online relationship scams last year. The median amount lost was $2,600 per individual and for those over the age of 70 it was a staggering $10,000. The scam often involves a money request to cover travel or medical expenses. Romantic scams are a rapidly growing sub-category of ‘online imposter scams’ which cost Americans $328m in 2017. (Source)


Goods & Accessories


Spoke Pen →

A geometric-deco style pen barrel

Kickstarter is turning me into a pen geek: ‘The Spoke Pen features aluminum barrel construction, grip materials in aluminum or titanium, a magnetic cap for secure closure, and wide range of anodized aluminum colors.’


Font Clock →

A flip clock with changing fonts

Font Clock features a flip mechanism using an ‘eclectic mixture of 11 different pre-existing fonts to identify the time and date, with a focus on 20th-century type families such as Franklin Gothic and Helvetica. The 12th font, Neon Kraus, was designed by Kraus especially for the clock’.


Overheard on Twitter

Does anyone else just... stick to the same <50 sites because exploring the modern web is a hellpool of autoplaying videos and janky scrolling and declining notification requests and closing newsletter signups and cookie notices.



Food For Thought

Privacy is a commons →


‘An individual’s privacy, like an individual’s vote, is usually largely irrelevant to anyone but themselves … but the accumulation of individual privacy or lack thereof, like the accumulation of individual votes, is enormously consequential.’ An interesting short read making the case that the accumulation of data is less a personal privacy issue and more a public security problem.

We shouldn’t blame Silicon Valley for technology’s problems – we should blame capitalism →


‘Technology is not driving itself. It doesn’t want anything. Rather, there is a market expressing itself through technology – an operating system beneath our various computer interfaces and platforms that is often unrecognized by the developers themselves. This operating system is called capitalism, and it drives the antihuman agenda in our society at least as much as any technology.’

Do Things Matter? →


Ok, it’s a bit off topic for DD but still relevant because it applies to whatever you want it to apply to. (I’m reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the moment and so coming across Sarah’s musings was well timed.)


Aesthetically Pleasing

❏ ❏

Coordinates is a monospaced tribute to Venus, the early 20th century typeface issued by the Bauer Type Foundry.

❏ ❏

Photographer Gustav Willeit uses the presence of a human figure to give his stunning nature scenes a reference point.

❏ ❏

John Brosio’s oil paintings capture tornados, fire storms, and... critters destroying American towns.

❏ ❏

In this issue of Mohawk Maker Quarterly about materials, each article is realised as its own object.



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