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With over 250 issues in this archive, getting started as a new reader can feel overwhelming. Below I compiled a list of some of my favourite, more recent issues, grouped into recurring themes you can expect in DD.

I usually start each issue with a short reflection on an essay or other online discovery that left an impression on me and offers food for thought. While my intros vary in length, the different sections that follow remain relatively consistent throughout DD.

A reader once described DD to me as “a beautiful little magazine via email” – a fitting description of the medley of links you will find in each issue. If you enjoy browsing this catalogue of back issues, join us and receive future issues by subscribing here.

– Kai Brach, editor/publisher


🤔 Big Thinking & Philosophy

DD101 →

Building a peace narrative: a more harmonious way of looking at the world and each other.

DD111 →

The difference between ‘power over’ and ‘power with’ is ‘being in power’ and ‘being empowering’.

DD151 →

The ideology of human supremacy: a sobering, deeply moving look at our era of human-centric world-building.

DD171 →

On the precious gifts provided to us by the Earth, our lack of reciprocity and why showing gratitude is urgently needed.

DD182 →

A new type of productivity: viewing time as a network good that derives its value from other people having access to it.


🌱 Sustainability & Climate

DD254 →

To be less climate anxious, become a person of place and tether yourself to a community.

DD232 →

The climate challenge as a chance to assign new meaning to the words ‘wealth’ and ‘abundance’.

DD241 →

The convergence of ‘the global standard farm’ and how we produce food in absurdly unsustainable ways.

DD247 →

The fallacy of ‘carbon math’ and why we should not reduce our ecological crisis to just climate.


👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Connection & Community

DD134 →

Individualism & modern life: why the notion of self-reliance is an illusion.

DD235 →

The case against the nuclear family and what a more contemporary interpretation of family looks like.

DD165 →

Embracing everyday inconveniences: on the importance of not just being with or next to others but among one other.

DD220 →

Democracy by lottery: citizen assemblies and the case for abolishing elections.


🪧 Activism & Vegetarianism

DD257 →

On the difficulties of engaging with people with whom we do not fully identify and how to work with the discomfort that entails.

DD175 →

How to be a more ethical eater: my journey towards becoming a vegetarian (or imperfect vegan).

DD155 →

Is individual action pointless? Thinking of yourself as a node for social, political and moral contagion.


🌆 Urbanism & Travel

DD253 →

The case against travel: do we travel for transformation or validation?

DD201 →

On the insane cost of cars. Or: what else you could buy with 30–40% of your life’s income.

DD173 →

The curse of car dependency: why is car ownership still considered an aspiration instead of a burden?

DD230 →

“It feels safer.” Debunking the myths of SUVs, and why they make everything worse.

DD238 →

‘Angles’ and ‘demons’ reclaiming our streets: why we need to design cities for children.

DD244 →

A better suburbia is possible! Why it doesn’t have to be an infrastructure desert.


📈 Marketing & Growth

DD149 →

On get-rich-quick schemes and the content marketing equivalent of the inflatable tube man.

DD186 →

Why it’s time to turn off startup brain and celebrate human-sized projects.

DD208 →

Non-coercive marketing: a more ethical and feel-good approach to marketing.


🙅 Pessimism

DD126 →

Pessimism as a guiding principle for designers and why developing a profound scepticism towards to status quo is critical.

DD181 →

Pessimism as a helpful feature of life that we too often try to run away from.